Digital Library of Fast Plants Resources

Digital Library of Fast Plants Resources

We are proud to announce a revision and upgrade to our Fast Plants Digital Library! In our more than 35 years serving teachers and researchers, the Wisconsin Fast Plants Program has always been dedicated to creating free, open source resources for using Fast Plants effectively as a model organism. The recently completed upgrade to our library allows us to make our catalog of resources more readily available and accessible to you!

New collections update automatically, curating relevant resources

Announcing Collections

Our Fast Plants Digital Library includes a diverse array of resources, including instructional materials, lesson plans, experiment/lab activities, reference materials, blogs, videos, and more!
With an added feature in our library called Collections, relevant resources are also grouped into user-friendly Collections, making it easy to browse featured resources by grade level, learning objectives, and growing instructions.

Additional useful features in our library include:

  • keyword searching (with phrase and exclusion support like popular search engines)
  • advanced metadata search field capabilities
  • resource ratings
  • a login system (optional) for creating folders to select and group your own resources

We are grateful to the Internet Scout Research Group of the University of Wisconsin-Madison for their efforts and expertise in adapting and updating our new Digital Library. The Internet Scout group used their Metavus software, a digital collections platform as the backbone for this overhaul to our digital library. Metavus software is open source and free to use, featuring powerful search and metadata cataloging capabilities. Learn more about Metavus here.


If you choose to create a login to the Fast Plants Digital Library, you’ll gain access to the Folders function.

With Folders, you can assemble and share your own collections of records or items. Records can be added and removed manually, or en masse from search results, and folders can be arranged via a drag & drop interface (or sorted by any relevant metadata field). Once assembled, folders can be shared easily with colleagues or students.

Check out our Fast Plants Digital Library today, and contact us if you need assistance or have a recommendation for resources to add to the library!