Supplies you need to start growing Fast Plants.


Fast Plants Seeds

Below you will find some of the most common seed types used for experiments.

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A Growing System

Fast Plants need a place to grow with continuous light and water.

Wisconsin Fast Plants Watering System

Teacher-friendly system that you can purchase

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Deli Container Watering System

A stable growing system that is easy to construct for all age learners

Build your own

Bottle Growing System

Low-cost, easy to construct environmentally-friendly

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Potting Mix & Fertilizer

Fast Plants need a soil-less mix and fertilizer.

Potting Mix Options

  • Soil-Less

    A soil-less mix or seed starter from your garden or hardware store

  • Make Your Own

    1 part Peatlite™ to 1 part coarse or medium vermiculate


Fertilizer Options

  • Time-Release, Pelleted

    Osmocote 14-14-14
    An easy to use option that is added during planting.

  • Water-Soluble Fertilizer

    Jack’s or Peter’s 20-20-20
    Good for more precisely controlling nutrient levels in experiments

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In order to grow Fast Plants to flower in 14 days and through their entire life cycle and produce seed, you need a 24-hour fluorescent or LED lighting system. Below are several options.

Light Box

Light Box

  • A vertical space-efficient system
  • Perfect for group experiments
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Light Bank

Light Bank

  • A horizontal space efficient system
  • Perfect for growing large numbers of plants
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Other Systems

Other Systems

  • Full spectrum LED light tubes
  • Individual LED full spectrum lights
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Short on Time?

You can purchase kits that provide everything you need to grow Fast Plants except the light source.

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