Yellow-Green Leaf

Yellow-Green Leaf

The Yellow-Green Leaf variety of Wisconsin Fast Plants® produce pale yellow-green color cotyledons and leaves compared to other Fast Plants varieties. This phenotype is regulated by a single recessive gene (ygr). In the homozygous condition, the leaves appear yellow-green.

Genetic Designation: ygr/ygr

This variety produces less chlorophyll than the Standard variety of Wisconsin Fast Plants and their developmental timing is slightly delayed. Yellow-Green Leaf Fast Plants were selected to have a uniform, short flowering time of 15-17 days (somewhat slower than the Standard variety) under recommended growing conditions of continuous light, water, and nutrition.

The Yellow-Green Leaf phenotype is only recognizable when plants are grown in potting mix, and it can be easiest to recognize when plants are 5-7 days old.



  • Genetics: Inheritance studies involving crosses between Yellow-Green Leaf variety and the Standard Fast Plant variety
  • Photosynthesis

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