Standard Wisconsin Fast Plants® Seed Stock

The Standard variety of the Wisconsin Fast Plants are selectively bred to have a uniform, short flowering time (14-16 days) under recommended growing conditions of continuous light, water, and nutrition. Recent selective breeding (in the past decade) added purple stigmas to Standard Fast Plants to aid in teaching pollination (the purple stigma is easy to see and turns yellow when coated with pollen).


The entire life cycle is short; plants will produce harvestable seeds approximately 40 days after planting.

Standard variety was developed over the past 40+ years through a long-term artificial selection plant-breeding program at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.   These plants are not considered genetically modified organisms (GMO). Closest vegetable relative is a turnip or Chinese cabbage. Scientific name is Rapid Cycling Brassica rapa.Recommended for first time Wisconsin Fast Plant users and for those observing or experimenting with variation.


  • Life cycles
  • Environmental Science
  • Botany
  • Comparative Morphology
  • Plant physiology
  • Experimental design and independent research projects


Also Available as Seed Disks! (Standard seed in seed disks will soon have purple stigma’s, as well — please check before ordering if that is desired.)


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