Plants of the Rosette-Dwarf variety of Wisconsin Fast Plants produce 4-10 times less gibberellic acid (GA, a plant hormone) than Standard variety plants. The GA deficiency prevents the stems from elongating, leaves remain near soil level. The leaves are a deep, green color. The phenotype is conditioned by a single recessive gene (ros). Plants produce a purple pigment, anthocyanin, visible throughout the stems, leaves, and bud tips.

This variety of Wisconsin Fast Plants was selected to have a uniform, short flowering time of 15-17 days (somewhat slower than the Standard variety) under recommended growing conditions of continuous light, water, and nutrition. The entire life cycle is short; plants will produce harvestable seeds approximately 45 days after planting.

Rosette-Dwarf plants can grow to normal height after application of 100 ppm of gibberellic acid.


  • Physiology
  • Genetics (crosses with a Standard variety of Fast Plants and crosses with the Non-Purple Stem variety).

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