Purple Stem, Hairy

Purple Stem, Hairy

Purple Stem, Hairy variety of Wisconsin Fast Plants were selectively bred for strong expression of a purple pigment, anthocyanin, visible throughout the stems, leaves, and bud tips. The ability to express anthocyanin (purple phenotype) is dominant, and multiple genes control the purple intensity.

This variety was selected to be homozygous for the dominant allele that regulates the ability to express anthocyanin, with deep purple expression. Through additional selection, this variety also has an increased number of hairs (a type of trichome found on the stems and leaves).

The entire life cycle is short; plants will produce harvestable seeds approximately 40 days after planting.


  • Inheritance studies involving purple pigment (anthocyanin) production and expression in crosses with Non-Purple Stem variety (anl)
  • Investigating the inheritance of leaf hairs (trichomes)

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