Non-Purple Stem, Hairless

Non-Purple Stem, Hairless

Non-Purple Stem variety of Wisconsin Fast Plants do not produce anthocyanin, a purple pigment found in other Fast Plant varieties. The lack of the purple pigment causes the plants to appear purely green.

This phenotype is controlled by a single, recessive gene (anthocyaninless, anl). In the homozygous condition (anl/anl) the production of anthocyanin is blocked on all parts of the plant. This variety was also selected to express a reduced number of hairs (a type of trichome found on the stems and leaves).

Genetic Designation: anl/anl, Hir (1)


  • Genetics: Inheritance studies involving purple pigment (anthocyanin) production and expression in crosses with the Purple Stem variety; also, investigating the inheritance of leaf hairs.


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