F2Non-Purple Stem Hairless

F2 Non-Purple Stem, Hairless Variety

F2 Non-Purple Stem, Hairless

Phenotypes: purple and non-purple stems
Genotypes: ANL/ANL; ANL/anl; anl/ANL; anl/anl

F2 Non-Purple Stem, Hairless stock is produced from a cross between heterozygous F1 Non-Purple Stem, Hairless parents. This F2 (second) generation Fast Plants population exhibits the Mendelian-predicted 3:1 ratio of stem color phenotypes: 3 dominant type (purple stem) to 1 recessive type (non-purple stem). The hairless trait is non-Mendelian. Note that an F2 population sample size must typically be sufficiently large (>100 plants) to demonstrate the 3:1 theoretical phenotype probability.

Fast Plants need 24 hour light, continuous moisture, and soil-free potting mix


  • Monohybrid Genetics – recommended for single-gene inheritance studies with the F1 Non-Purple Stem seed stock

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