F1 Non-Purple Stem Yellow-Green Leaf

F1 Non-Purple Stem, Yellow-Green Leaf


F1 Non-Purple Stem, Yellow-Green Leaf variety of Wisconsin Fast Plants is a cross between the Non-Purple Stem, Hairless variety and Yellow-Green Leaf. This variety (along with its F2 offspring generation) demonstrates a two-gene inheritance model representative of Mendel’s findings. F1 plants will produce a purple pigment, anthocyanin, visible throughout the stems, leaves, and bud tips and dark green leaves.

The expression of anthocyanin on the stem of the Yellow-Green Leaf variety is dominant over the anthocyaninless, Non-Purple Stem, while the lighter, yellow-green leaf phenotype is recessive.

Genetic Designation: anl/ANL, ygr/YGR

NOTE: Unlike several of the Wisconsin Fast Plants heredity and inheritance varieties, the Yellow-Green Leaf phenotype is not observable when seedlings are germinated in a Petri dish on paper towels. The F2 Non-Purple Stem, Yellow Green-Leaf should be grown in potting mix under the recommended growing conditions.

If any green stem plants should appear in this F1 variety, remove prior to pollination.


  • Dihybrid Genetics: Two-gene inheritance studies with the F1 and F2 Non-Purple Stem and Yellow-Green Leaf varieties.
  • Quantitative Genetics

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