F1 Non-Purple Stem Fast Plants seed packet

F1 Non-Purple Stem, Hairless Variety

F1 Non-Purple Stem, Hairless

Phenotype: purple stems
Genotype: anl/ANL

F1 Non-Purple Stem, Hairless is a heterozygous Fast Plants stock, produced from a controlled, monohybrid cross between Non-Purple Stem and Purple-Stem parents. In this F1 (first) generation population, only the dominant phenotype is expressed, so all have purple stems (the Non-Purple Stem allele is masked; the hairless trait is Non-Mendelian). Note: there may be occasional plants in this seed stock that have non-purple stems due to mutation or rare crossbreeding between sibling-plants. Should this occur, remove any non-purple seedlings when they are most noticeable at 5-7 days old.

Fast Plants need 24 hour light, continuous moisture, and soil-free potting mix


  • Monohybrid Genetics – recommended for single-gene inheritance studies with the F2 Non-Purple Stem seed stock

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