AstroPlants seed packet

AstroPlants Variety


Phenotype: petite structures/stature
Genotype: dwf/dwf

AstroPlants are a true-breeding Fast Plants stock that was developed from the Petite stock for use in NASA Space Shuttle experiments. Although AstroPlants are represented by the same genotype as the Petite stock, this stock’s selection was guided by the formula “5-10-15” to achieve a high proportion of plants that produce 5 seed pods on plants less than 10 centimeters in height, and flower in 15 days. AstroPlants are capable of growing in small substrate volumes.

Fast Plants need 24 hour light, continuous moisture, and soil-free potting mix


  • Studies of gravitropism and photosynthesis
  • Life Cycle Studies (due to the highly selected nature of this variety, populations are, on average, less tolerant of growing in non-ideal environmental conditions)

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