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Educational Resources -- Grade Level: Elementary

Classic Elementary Resources (developed before the year 2000) (7)
Current Elementary Resources (17)

View Resource Bee-ing an Engineer

During the days that are supported by this lesson, students observe flowers on their 14 to 16 day old Fast Plants and bee structures, learning to connect how the shape of a structure is related to...
View Resource Bees and Brassicas: Partnership for Survival

Background information for teachers and an activity description for engaging students in the processes that occur during pollination, fertilization and seed development in Fast Plants. Symbiosis...
View Resource Farming Fast Plants

This Farming Fast Plants activity introduces a classroom investigation that is easily adaptable for all grade levels and designed to engage teachers and students as investigators. The activity has...
View Resource Fast Plants Glossary

This webpage from the Fast Plants website is a glossary for frequently used botanical/biological terms.
View Resource Flowering and Pollination

This pdf includes background information and an activity for engaging students in the processes that occur during pollination, fertilization and seed development in Fast Plants. Pollination is...
View Resource Getting a Handle on Variation

This is an article explaining about variation in a population in general, using height as a specific example. The article is designed to help students and teachers think about the nature of various...
View Resource Getting Acquainted with a Seed

Description: In this activity students become acquainted with the anatomy and biology of seeds. They will use lenses and scales and make drawings to scale. Students will measure and calculate...
View Resource Growth, Development and Reproduction -- Exploring and explaining germination, growth and development

A 32-page booklet, containing complete instructions for activities at each life cycle stage. The booklet also includes important background information about plant physiology and how to grow Fast...
View Resource Illustrated Fast Plants Bottle Growing System Instructions

Instructions for constructing and planting Fast Plants in the recycled "Bottle Growing System" that was designed by the Wisconsin Fast Plant Program. This is a low-cost growing system ideal for...
View Resource Illustrated Fast Plants deli-container planting instructions

This document is the step-by-step instructions for planting Fast Plants in a deli-container growing system like is used in Reading Green. The instructions include measurements that are then...
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