Flowering and Pollination

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This pdf includes background information and an activity for engaging students in the processes that occur during pollination, fertilization and seed development in Fast Plants. Pollination is explained and illustrated and an activity for students to pollinate Fast Plants and observe reproductive development is described.

In participating in this activity students will:

  • understand flowering as the sexually mature stage of plant development;
  • understand where and how ovules and pollen originate (male and female gamete formation);
  • explore the parts of the flower and the role that each part plays in reproduction;
  • observe the reproductive tissues of plants, including pollen and stigma, under magnification;
  • understand the interdependent coevolutionary relationship of bees and brassicas; and
  • begin the process of reproduction in their Fast Plants by performing a pollination using a beestick,
  • setting the stage for future developmental events.
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Pollination and Early Seed Development
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