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Educational Resources -- Grade Level: Undergraduate

Classic Undergraduate Level Resources (developed before the year 2000) (32)
Current Undergraduate Level Resources (12)

View Resource Petri Dish Growing System Planting Protocol

This document is the step-by-step instructions for germinating seeds and growing young Fast Plant seedlings on paper toweling in a Petri dish. The Petri dish technique is terrific for making it easy to observe what happens during germination. This growing system can also be used as a 72-hour method for identifying phenotypes to demonstrate Mendelian inheritance patterns in some Fast Plant...

View Resource A Biological Riddle

Turnips, Chinese cabbage and Wisconsin Fast Plants (Rbr) look very different. Yet, they actually belong to the same species. This means that they have the same number of chromosomes and they can cross breed and produce fertile offspring. But how can you prove that plants that look so different are really the same species? The "Biological Riddle" and the investigations found in this exercise will...

View Resource The Crucifer Cross

This activity utilizes both the rapid response time of Wisconsin Fast Plants to changes in the environment and the microtechnology of Bottle Biology in film cans. Two to three hours after setting up your film can gravitropism chamber you should be able to observe results which will keep you wondering!

View Resource Lab 1 - Inbreeding Depression & the Evolutionary Advantage of Outbreeding in Brassica Rapa

Investigation comparing the differneces between of selfing and cross pollinating Fast Plants

View Resource Brassica rapa stock description: F1 and F2 Non-purple stem, Yellow-green leaf stocks

PDF containing seed stock profile information for and illustration of the F1 and F2 Non-Purple Stem, Yellow-Green Leaf variety of Brassica rapa (Fast Plants). This also includes some brief suggestions for their use as a model organism in teaching Mendelian genetics with a monohybrid cross using Wisconsin Fast Plants.

View Resource Hairy's Inheritance: Getting a Handle on Variation (1998)

Written in 1998 for teachers, this is background information and description were developed to support the design and implementation of a selective breeding investigation to increase the number of hairs (trichomes) on Fast Plants leaf margins. The investigation described includes three levels of possible implementation, each with increasing complexity. Newer resources about selectively...

View Resource The Hunt for Glucose

Background information and activity investigating the Fast Plant nectaries and their functions.

View Resource Plants Know the Way to Grow

Investigation exploring how germinating seedlings are impacted by gravity.

View Resource Phototropism: How Little Light Will Bend a Seedling?

Investigation exploring how germinating seedlings are effected by different wavelengths of light. Will they bend towards red, blue, or green light?

View Resource The Ecological Significance of Intra-specific Competition in Plant Populations

College Lab exploring interspecific competition with Fast Plants

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