Mendelian Inheritance Investigation with Fast Plants & CODAP

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In this 26-page investigation—co-developed for secondary grades by teachers, the Wisconsin Fast Plants Program at UW-Madison, The Concord Consortium data scientists, and developers from Carolina Biological Supply, and Brett Moulding—learners investigate variation and inheritance in the “three dimensions” described by the Next Generation Science Standards. Included in the investigation materials are a lesson plan that includes an opening phenomenon, an inquiry similar to Mendel's pea experiment, data analysis prompts and guidance for using CODAP (free educational data analysis software) to analyze class data, and examples of sample student work. Data analysis for this investigation can be done with any preferred approach or software; however, for more from the Concord Consortium on using CODAP, you may find the blog post, Infusing Genetics With Data Science and Three-Dimensional Teaching helpful.

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Updated Who's the Father? Using Fast Plants observations and data analysis to investigate variation
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The Wisconsin Fast Plants Program
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