Who's the Father? Dihybrid

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Download the complete instructions for a high school level inheritance inquiry, using Wisconsin Fast Plants. In this investigation, students gather their own evidence to explain how inheritance works. As they observe three generations of Wisconsin Fast Plants, students unravel a paternity mystery: What was the father’s phenotype? Was it the same as the mother’s phenotype or the offspring’s phenotype? Or is it something entirely different? As first, then second generations of plants grow, students make observations that serve as evidence to support or refute their explanations about the inheritance of two easily observable traits that demonstrate Mendelian patterns of simple dominant / recessive genotypes. Complete kits are available from Carolina Biological for this investigation, or everything to grow Fast Plants can be built or obtained locally, using the instructions available on the Fast Plants website.

Alternate Title
Dihybrid Mendelian inheritance investigations with Fast Plants
Materials Development Era
Typical Learning Time
45-50 days with intermittent class time throughout
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Who's the Father?
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