The Seed Challenge - How many seeds can you get from a single seed?

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A 23-page PDF file (644 KB) with a complete set of activities for elementary students (also effective in middle school) to learn about the life cycle of flowering plants with a focus on reproduction. Students predict how many seeds their Fast Plant will produce and engage in planting, growing, observing doing supporting learning activities to understand the life cycle. Carolina Biological sells a kit to accompany this activity for a class of 32 students, containing the seeds and planting materials. Alternatively, the activity can be taught using the "how to grow" instructions on the Fast Plants website, seeds from a packet of Standard Wisconsin Fast Plants (or seeds from Fast Plants you grow yourself) and your own potting mix and growing system. A 24-hour light source is needed for this activity.

Alternate Title
Fast Plant Life Cycle
Phenotypic Trait
Materials Development Era
Typical Learning Time
35-45 days
Wisconsin Fast Plants Program, UW-Madison
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March 26th, 2019
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May 23rd, 2023 at 5:44pm (W3C-DTF)
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