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View Resource Investigating Selection with New Polycots Fast Plants

This blog post from the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Wisconsin Fast Plants, describes an investigation that educators can implement in the classroom to facilitate students' learning about variation and natural selection through firsthand observations and hands-on data collection in a very short time. The post offers an abbreviated example of how to conduct a classroom investigation with the...

View Resource High School Biology Investigating Artificial Selection Lesson Plan

This lesson plan, from the University of Wisconsin-Madisons Wisconsin Fast Plants, is for a high school biology investigation into evolution and artificial selection while using Fast Plants polycot seeds. The lesson plan describes student science performance for in-classroom learning as well as distance learning, and assessment for student learning. Additionally, this resource includes a sample...

View Resource Evidence of Natural Selection Activities

This resource, provided by Wisconsin Fast Plants and CurrikiStudio, contains a set of six different learning activities that can be implemented in classrooms to teach natural selection. Organized in playlists, these interactive lessons guide students through understanding and applying knowledge of natural selection. The specific playlists and modules include: Population Pre-think for...

View Resource Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation

This 16-page resource, from Wisconsin Fast Plants, provides a "complete Open Source investigation into ecosystem dynamics that can be adapted to any grade level." In this Google Document, readers will find the investigation includes a lesson plan, descriptions of standards alignment, tips for designing and implementing the experiment, Fast Plants planting protocol (instructions), as well as...

View Resource Three Mistakes to Avoid for Growing Healthy Fast Plants

This article, provided by Wisconsin Fast Plants, address three common mistakes and pitfalls when growing Fast Plants. In addition, it provides tips and suggestions to ensure that the plants grow successfully.