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View Resource Approach in the development and evaluation of DNA molecular markers in Brassica species

Student research paper that describes a project focussed on molecular markers in Brassica species.
View Resource Serendipity and the Space Farmer

Who knew that rocket science could have so much in common with botany and plant pathology? This is a human interest and science story that documents from firsthand accounts and artifacts the historical context and scientific events relevant to an important collaborative Fast Plant investigation on the MIR Space Station. The project coincided with pivotal historical events and involved many...

View Resource Data in a variety of forms

These data sets were meticulously collected by Dr. Paul Williams in an investigation in which we were interested in learning about how nutrient limitations effect a variety of easily observable and measureable Fast Plant traits. Observations were made and recorded at different points in the plants' growth and development. We were interested to look for traits that are minimally influenced by...

View Resource Wisconsin Fast Plants Seed Stock Profile

Background information for teachers using Standard Fast Plants

View Resource Phototropism: How Little Light Will Bend a Seedling?

Investigation exploring how germinating seedlings are effected by different wavelengths of light. Will they bend towards red, blue, or green light?