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New Resources
View Resource The Hunt for Glucose

Background information and activity investigating the Fast Plant nectaries and their functions

View Resource The Ecological Significance of Intra-specific Competition in Plant Populations

College Lab exploring interspecific competition with Fast Plants

View Resource The Crucifer Cross

This activity utilizes both the rapid response time of Wisconsin Fast Plants to changes in the environment and the microtechnology of Bottle Biology in film cans. Two to three hours after setting up your film can gravitropism chamber you should be able to observe results which will keep you wondering!

View Resource Seeing the Light

Background information on lighting for Fast Plants

View Resource Research Link 2000

Through Research Link 2000, students using Fast Plants will carry out original research by participating in the creation of a phenotypic linkage map of rapid-cycling Brassica rapa. This research will represent the first step in a continuing study which involves the creation and coordination of phenotypic and molecular maps of the species (Figure 1).