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Petri Dish Growing System Planting Protocol

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Petri Dish Growing System Planting Protocol

This document is the step-by-step instructions for germinating seeds and growing young Fast Plant seedlings on paper toweling in a Petri dish. The Petri dish technique is terrific for making it easy to observe what happens during germination. This growing system can also be used as a 72-hour method for identifying phenotypes to demonstrate Mendelian inheritance patterns in some Fast Plant varieties (note: the Yellow-green Leaf recessive trait IS NOT expressed sufficiently in these conditions to distinguish its phenotype from wild type). The instructions are illustrated by our Fast Plants artist, Amy, to help all learners understand the steps.

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Alternate Title Petri dish germination instructions
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Typical Learning Time ~20 minutes to set up 25 seeds in a Petri dish; less time with practice
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