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Brassica rapa stock description: Anthocyaninless, hairless

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Brassica rapa stock description: Anthocyaninless, hairless

This is a description sheet (with illustration) for the standard rapid cycling ideotype (RCI) or ideal form for the anthocyaninless, or non-purple stem phenotype. In the anthocyaninless line, a recessive gene blocks the expression of purple, red, or pink pigment, also selected for few or no hairs. Plants lack any purple anthocyanin pigment, anl, however the genetic background of the stock is for high expression of purple anthocyanin, Pan (7), a quantitative trait. None or very few hairs on any plant part, Hir(1), a quantitative trait. Most plants, >80%, are male fertile, MST2/- . A few are male sterile, mst2.

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Alternate Title Non-purple, hairless Fast Plant
Phenotypic Trait
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Source Wisconsin Fast Plants Program
Date Issued 2009-11-15
Date Last Modified 2022-04-19 15:05:26
Date Record Checked: 2009-11-15 00:00:00

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