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Exploring Variation and Natural Selection with Fast Plants

Exploring Variation and Natural Selection with Fast Plants

Download this complete and coherently designed, middle school level unit to teach fundamental concepts that underpin the theory of evolution. The unit was collaboratively designed by teachers, college faculty & staff, and the Fast Plants Program at UW-Madison to support student-centered inquiry-based learning.

The unit's storyline is underpinned by the 5E model. Like three dimensional learning as described by the Next Generation Science Standards, this unit is designed for students to learn academic content by working like scientists: making observations, asking questions, doing further investigations to explore and explain natural phenomena, and communicating results based on evidence. Immersion Units are intended to support teachers in building a learning culture in their classrooms to sustain students’ enthusiasm for engaging in scientific habits of thinking while learning rigorous science content.

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Alternate Title Variation and Natural Selection
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Typical Learning Time 6-8 weeks
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Rights Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5
Date Issued 1997
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