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Brassica rapa Research Resources -- Research projects

View Resource Investigating Plant Physiology with Wisconsin Fast Plants

Download this 17-page booklet with several investigations that can be geared towards middle or high school students. Includes background information to support investigations in three primary areas of plant physiology (how plants function): Nutrition, Tropism, and Hormone Response (using Gibberellic Acid). The nutrition and tropism experiments are particularly relevant for both middle school and...

View Resource Fast Plants in Space: US-Ukrainian Collaborative Experiments, Questions, and Investigators

Written by Drs. Mary Musgrave (US) and Elizabeth Kordyum (Ukraine), this is an appendix from the manual used when Fast Plants went into space through a joint NASA and Ukraine research project that involved a collaboration between scientists on the Space Station and students in the US and Ukraine. In this appendix, titled: CUE-TSIPS Experiments, Questions, and Investigators, the project's research...

View Resource Data in a variety of forms

These data sets were meticulously collected by Dr. Paul Williams in an investigation in which we were interested in learning about how nutrient limitations effect a variety of easily observable and measureable Fast Plant traits. Observations were made and recorded at different points in the plants' growth and development. We were interested to look for traits that are minimally influenced by...

View Resource Approach in the development and evaluation of DNA molecular markers in Brassica species

Student research paper that describes a project focussed on molecular markers in Brassica species.