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View Resource Rapid-Cycling Populations of Brassica

A seminal paper, introducing rapid-cycling Brassicas as model organisms for use in plant biology research and education. Written by Williams and Hill, published in Science, 1986.

View Resource Interpreting phenotypic variation in plants

This article by Coleman, McConnaughay, and Ackerly discusses how phenotypic variation (variation in observable traits) in plants is influenced by environment, genetics, and developmental stage. The authors stress that understanding the interplay of these factors is important for investigations that involve plant comparisons.

View Resource Data in a variety of forms

These data sets were meticulously collected by Dr. Paul Williams in an investigation in which we were interested in learning about how nutrient limitations effect a variety of easily observable and measureable Fast Plant traits. Observations were made and recorded at different points in the plants' growth and development. We were interested to look for traits that are minimally influenced by...

View Resource Approach in the development and evaluation of DNA molecular markers in Brassica species

Student research paper that describes a project focussed on molecular markers in Brassica species.

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