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View Resource Agriscience Lesson 01: Angle of the Dangle

Through this activity, students will examine the effect of gravity and centrifugal force on plant stems. Students will form hypotheses and test those ideas using Wisconsin Fast Plant seedlings, film...
View Resource Farming Fast Plants

This Farming Fast Plants activity introduces a classroom investigation that is easily adaptable for all grade levels and designed to engage teachers and students as investigators. The activity has...
View Resource Investigating Plant Physiology with Wisconsin Fast Plants

The activities and background information in this booklet are designed to support investigations into three primary areas of plant physiology (how plants function): Nutrition, Tropism, and Hormone...
View Resource Energy Dynamics, Investigation #10

This College Board laboratory investigation for AP Biology introduces methods for estimating net terrestrial productivity and secondary productivity in a laboratory setting using a model plant...
View Resource Agriscience Lesson 02: Leaving the Leftovers

In this activity, students will gain an understanding of what crop residue is, and learn about the benefits, as well as the disadvantages, of using crop residue in crop production programs....
View Resource Agriscience Lesson 04: Diet for a Healthy Plant

In addition to water, light and carbon dioxide, plants require an array of nutrients for growth, repair and proper function. In this experi- ment, students will explore the basic principles of plant...
View Resource Planting Brassica rapa

This video resource explains and demonstrates how to plant Fast Plants in a bottle growing system made from recycled soda/water bottles was made by the instructors at UW-Madison who teach Biocore (a...
View Resource Variation: Data Organization, Display, and Analysis

This pdf document provides background information and examples for collecting, organizing and analyzing data that could be collected through experimentation with Fast Plants.
View Resource Agriscience Lesson 05: Silos and Sauerkraut

This activity is divided into two parts. Part I, Factors in fermentation, examines the environmental variables critical to the fermentation process. In Part II, Mixing in some microbes, students...
View Resource AP Biology Investigation #6: Cellular Respiration

This is the Advanced Placement Investigation into cellular respiration (#6). The investigation was developed by the College Board for use in AP Biology classes. Students begin by investigating the...
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