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New Resources
View Resource POSOH Cosmic Voyage Systems and Scale Poster

This is a printable poster resourcedeveloped by a collaboration of educators in the POSOH Project for teaching about systems and scale. This poster correlates with an excerpt from the video Cosmic Voyage about systems and scale, narrated by Morgan Freeman. Adebrief discussion of that video excerpt in the context of "What is Air?" is supported by a PowerPoint. Then, those concepts are applied(also...

View Resource Investigating Plants Needs with Wisconsin Fast Plants

Download this comprehensive, 60-page elementary unit that was co-developed by the Fast Plants Program and Emily Miller (ELA/science elementary teacher who helped author the Next Generation Science Standards) as an exemplar for supporting three-dimensional learning. Developed in 2014, the lessons in this unit that fall during the time when Fast Plants are flowering and being pollinated are the same...

View Resource Instructions for Germinating Fast Plants in Seed Disks in a Petri Dish

Illustrated instructions for germinating Wisconsin Fast Plants seeds that are purchased in a seed disk. The seeds are "sewn" into the seed disk, which are the right size to be placed in a petri dish, soaked, and then drained and set to germinate.

View Resource Planting Fast Plants Seed Disks in a Deli-containter Growing System

Illustrated instructions for constructing and planting seed disks in the Fast Plants deli-container growing system. This is a stable growing system that is easy to construct for all age learners, and works well for growing Wisconsin Fast Plants. Made from recycled deli-containers, these growing systems can be cleaned and reused for multiple years.

View Resource Seed Sponge Model

This 2-page handout gives instructions for making the seed sponge model that was developed by the Wisconsin Fast Plants Program as a tool for learning about germination. Visualizing what is inside a seed and how those structures function during germination is modeled, using a simple kitchen sponge. For all ages of learners, watching a "seed sponge model" unfold as it absorbs water can be inspiring...