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 Lessons available (for free) in editable Google Doc templates

With each Fast Plants webinar in 2020 and '21, we featured an updated Open Source Fast Plants lesson. These new lessons are synthesized from legacy Fast Plants materials, freshly designed to specifically align with Next Generation Science Standards. In this lesson development process, we are using an adaptation of the "Gather, Reason, and Communicate" lesson template. We had the opportunity to learn this template from NGSS and Framework writer, Brett Moulding (you may be familiar with the "Gather, Reason, and Communicate" instructional model from the book Moulding co-authored with Rodger Bybee, called Teaching Science is Phenomenal). 

To edit these new Fast Plant lessons and adapt them for your students, simply make a copy of the lesson document and save it to your own Drive. Then, you can make any changes you wish and add your own links to extension activities and resources.

At this time we have four new lessons, and along with each, we include a link to a recording of the original webinar when the lesson was introduced.

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