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Rapid Cycling Brassicas

Rapid-cycling Brassicas can serve as models for research in genetics, host-parasite relations, molecular biology, cell biology, plant biochemistry, population biology, and plant breeding.

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Bottle Biology

Out of the trash, into the classroom: You'll easily find the inexpensive materials you need for Bottle Biology so you can investigate a wide variety of phenomena in a model ecosystem. Find inspirational ideas for creating beautiful and fascinating miniature gardens in tiny recycled containers, using plants such as mosses, miniature ferns, selagenella, and sundews.

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Tools and Techniques

One of Dr. Paul William's passions is inventing and constructing science tools and developing new techniques for inquiring about the natural world. His creativity and resourcefulness come together, and new tools are born out of everyday supplies and recycled materials.

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Images of and Insights into the Natural World

Ever wondering, Dr. Paul Williams uses photography to both document and investigate the natural world.

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