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What are Fast Plants®?
Fast Plants® are a type of crucifer (a large group of plants that includes mustard, radish, cabbage, and more) that have been bred and selected to have a uniform, short flowering time (14 days) and grow well under in a small indoor space, with little soil, under artificial lights. Learn more »

How long is the Fast Plant® life cycle?
The entire life cycle for Fast Plants® is extremely short, and under ideal growing conditions of continuous light, water, and nutrition, plants will produce harvestable seeds approximately 40 days after planting. Learn more »

Where did Fast Plants® come from?
Fast Plants® are rapid-cycling Brassica rapa plants that Dr. Paul Williams bred as a research tool that could be used for improving disease resistance of cruciferous plants (a large group of plants that includes mustard, radish, cabbage, broccoli, kohlrabi, and more). In order to speed up the genetic research in the crucifers, he began breeding Brassica rapa and six related species from the family Cruciferae for shorter life cycles. The end result: petite, quick-growing plants known as Fast Plants®. Learn more »

Is there only one kind of Fast Plant?
Most Fast Plants® classroom activities are written for use with Standard Fast Plants seed. There are also a variety of other specialized plant types that are particularly well-suited for investigating topics in areas such as: genetics, physiology, and environmental studies. Learn more »

Where do I get the seeds for Fast Plants®?
To order Fast Plants® seeds, growing kits, and related materials contact Carolina Biological Supply Company at 1-800-334-5551. Learn more »

How do I care for Fast Plants®?
Fast Plants® are fun and easy to grow. The two most important elements to growing healthy Fast Plants® are 24-hour fluorescent light and a light potting mix (not potting soil) for planting. Learn more »

What can my students learn growing Fast Plants®?
Teachers and learners use Fast Plants® in classrooms from kindergarten through college and beyond. Learners of all ages can explore a wide variety of questions with Fast Plant and learn by engaging in genuine scientific inquiry. Visit the Digital Library »

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