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View Resource Seed Sponge Model

This 2-page handout gives instructions for making the seed sponge model that was developed by the Wisconsin Fast Plants Program as a tool for learning about germination. Visualizing what is inside a seed and how those structures function during germination is modeled, using a simple kitchen sponge. For all ages of learners, watching a "seed sponge model" unfold as it absorbs water can be inspiring...

View Resource Project CUE PowerPoint

This resource is a PowerPoint presentation produced to report the work of the Science Honors Research class of Central Catholic High School, Toledo, Ohio with regard to the CUE (Collaborative Ukrainian Experiment) Project.

View Resource CUE-TSIPS Downlink Questions for the Payload Specialist

This resource contains a series of questions regarding care of the plants in space, such as: watering, nutrients, and light source.

View Resource Wisconsin Fast Plants Growing Instructions

Written in 1998, this 4-page PDF was developed for teachers and students, planting and growing Wisconsin Fast Plants. Includes basic background information and materials lists, step-by-step planting instructions for a film-can growing system (illustrated) and tending tips.These materials were provided to Carolina Biological and are used as a guide for successfully growing Wisconsin Fas...

View Resource Chemical Environment: Growing Healthy Fast Plants