We are enthusiastic about the College Board's recent revision of the AP® Biology course in which greater emphasis is being placed on science inquiry, conceptual learning, and critical thinking. In addition, we look forward to working with AP Biology teachers across the nation to support learners, particularly in those labs that use Fast Plants® as a model organism.

The Fast Plants digital library now features an AP® Biology Resource classification in the secondary grade level resources. Included in that classification are a number of teacher and student-focused resources designed specifically to align with those AP materials that feature Fast Plants, and we continue developing more as needs arise.

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Resources to help teachers with teaching Lab 1, Artificial Selection:

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Workshop dates for teacher and more.

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NABT blog
Follow conversation about the AP labs and find further information about the photosynthesis lab, which used discs from plants.

NSTA's Learning Center Community Forum
Find questions and answers from instructors regarding the AP Bio course.

AP Biology kits are available for sale from Carolina Biological Supply.

Materials are available from Carolina Biological Supply Company: www.carolina.com 1-800-334-5551.

AP Biology Alternative Lab 7: Genetics of Plants Kit
Compare predicted results with results obtained through experimentation. Understand the importance of chi-square analysis. Discuss the life cycle of a flowering plant and recognize the function of floral parts in the plant's reproduction.

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